Candidate Applications

Thank you for your interest in attending the May 30-June 2, 2024 Three-Day Weekend sponsored by the Nebraska Episcopal Cursillo. 

The goal of the weekend is to develop active Christian leadership within Episcopal parishes and in the community. This weekend is an active challenge to pursue a life of Christian service with the support of the Christian community. 

This Cursillo Weekend Application is a three-part form consisting of the Candidate Application, the Sponsor Endorsement, and the Clergy Endorsement. All three parts must be filled out completely, signed and mailed, with payment, to the address on the form. In the case of a couple, each person must have all three parts of the form completed individually. 

The Cursillo Three-Day Weekend will begin at Immaculata Monastery in Norfolk, NE at approximately 6:30 PM on Thursday, May 30 and it will end at approximately 4:00 PM on Sunday, June 2nd.  Before you apply, it is important that you can commit to attending the full weekend. 

All meals, beverages and supplies will be provided for you. Dress should be comfortable and casual. We will do our best to accommodate special needs. This will be a time to concentrate on Christian formation and you are encouraged to make arrangements for minimal interruption of your weekend including being able to turn off your cell phone. You will receive more information about the accommodations and what you will need to bring as the time gets closer.  Your sponsor ( a person who has been to a Cursillo weekend) will be happy to discuss any questions or needs prior to the weekend. 

The cost will be a $25 deposit per person to hold your place on the weekend. All fees go directly for the contracted costs of the Weekend. If the cost of the Cursillo Weekend is preventing your attendance, please discuss your concerns with your sponsor, and it is possible that, although limited, some other resources may be available.  Also, the monastery has a limited capacity; however, the Cursillo team will make every effort to accommodate everyone’s desire to attend a weekend.

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Candidate application 2023.pdf